Thursday, September 21, 2006

You make me feel so . . .

I'd like to take a moment to thank the man in front of me, the one who recently went through the security checkpoint, left his laptop behind and was called back to retrieve it.

I'd like to thank the woman talking on her cell phone and scurrying to her gate who first dropped her cell phone, then her purse, then her cell phone.

Thank you to those who enter business meetings with food stains on your clothes, circles under your eyes and a prayer on your lips that nobody notices you haven't brushed your teeth since, well, there was no time to buy a new tube (airplane late, again) of toothpaste and of course you couldn't travel with such a dangerous ORANGE-ALERT! item.

Thanks to those of you who barely fit in bathroom stalls with your suitcases (and those GIANT rolls of toilet paper), who stand holding your hands in front of you under sink faucets that are NOT automatically activated and then act like you knew it, and who survive countless toilet flushes (feel the spray beneath you) before you're ready for them to flush.

Thank you everyone who buys a book in the airport because you forgot your reading material--again. (And if you buy MY books in airports, a special kudos.

Bless the hearts of those who snore on airplanes, bang your heads on the overhead bins (yet again), forget to turn your noise reduction headsets off after the "turn off all ..." announcement since you didn't hear it, what with your noise reduction headset and all.

WAHOO to those who make your own corporate, self-employeed decisions to buy the snack pack on the airplane (even though you swore you wouldn't), and find that entertaining yourself by counting the little wad of cashew nuts before chowing them down is not only the highlight of your day, but your best meal.

A nod to those who talk to strangers, e-mail in concourses, mutter to television news casters in an attempt to feel like SOMEBODY knows you're out there in another time zone doing your exhausting thing.

Thank you, one and all, for making me feel so normal, so One With The Travel Weary . . . so understood.


Kristin said...

Thanks for making me laugh. I look forward to more posts. Unfortunately, I also look forward to trying to sneak contact lens solution onto the plane in the case so I don't have to check an entire bag for an overnight trip. My life's a little dull...

Charlene Ann Baumbich said...


THANK YOU for taking the time to let me know someone RELATES! Yes, sneaking things on airplanes . . . . Oh, the minds the TSA is reaping. HA!

But now the rules have changed--again! I'm "hiding" in MN (9/27/06 post talks
about that) working under book deadline so I haven't traveled since we can now
take 3 ozs of whatever in a quart zip-lock bag. GADS! I subscribe to (I read his stuff and receive his INFORMATIVE info--which you
ALWAYS hear before the news gives it to you!) so I knew about the change the
day before it happened. He advised, however, that we didn't try it for a
couple days until the TSA folks got coordinated (HA!) about the rules. I'm SO CURIOUS to hear how it's going! Got any personal feedback for me?

I, too, wear contacts, but during the liquid ban I all but stopped since I have dry eyes anyway and flying is SO DEHYDRATING! I'm grateful for the teensy lifting of this ban since I embark on a book tour 11/1 and I have to take a different airline to a different state every day, so I am grateful that I *might* be able to do so without checking a bag. If it got lost on day one, it would NEVER catch up with me during that whirlygig.

Anyway, just wanted to thank you for stopping by, checking out the blog and
sending a note.

Peace and grins and back to my writing!