Friday, September 01, 2006

Why I birthed Traveling Laughs, a travel humor blog

For a couple years I’ve been talking (and man, I can TALK!) about creating a travel blog to help we (yes, I include myself here since I find reading my own words fascinating) road warriors remember that a good laugh - especially at ourselves - can help to eradicate stress and therefore keep our heads from blowing off. Of course since I’m an author currently writing a book a year (read Constant Looming HUGE Deadlines – ) punctuated by publicity stints and a month-long book tour schedule, a speaker who gypsies herself from here to there spreading words of Good Cheer ( ), a one-woman office operation (read I do my own book work – blaaach) and a proud grandmother who simply MUST travel five hours to snag a hug from my sweet munchkin, I’m simply too busy to act on my words.

Until now.

Now, since the day my lipstick and giant Tupperware water bottle became illegal to carry on the airlines, although thank GOODNESS they’ve at least reneged on the lipstick. I find I simply MUST write this blog if for no other reason than to help keep myself laughing!

Thus, in a cosmic melding of my ongoing urge to develop a Traveling Laughs blog, my Real Life and writing a TwinkleGram (my monthly e-mail newsletter about how I developed a criminal mind during my first flight the day after the above TSA ban, I realized I was also birthing Traveling Laughs.

I hope you enjoy the ongoing ride. I’m not sure how often I’ll drop you a word or 400, but when a Traveling Laugh hits me, I’ll be sure to wing it your way.

Peace and grins,

PS To glean a peek into the clandestine methods a parched-lip, creative type can dream up to beat the TSA’s ban on all things smeary and thirst quenching, visit and look for the August 24, 2006 edition.

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